What is Residential Rekeying?

Do you need a lock rekeyed or replaced? We often get calls from customers who want their house or apartment locks replaced. In reality, some people just need their locks rekeyed. Most people are not aware that there is even a difference. However, there is a significant difference between the two locksmith services we offer.

Getting Your Locks Professionally Rekeyed

When getting your lock rekeyed, our professional locksmith will remove the springs and pins in the lock cylinder and replace them with a new set that will work with a completely new key.

The majority of keys can be rekeyed. If you need a completely different style key or the lock is no longer functioning properly, then it cannot be rekeyed. However, our locksmith can rekey almost any type of lock.

The Purpose of Rekeying a Lock

The primary purpose to rekey a door lock is to gain ‘key control’ when there is a change in the possession of a house or an apartment. For example, let's say you're selling a house or renting out an apartment, you will need to have the locks rekeyed, so previous owners/tenants no longer have access to the home.

Key control simply means control over all keys made to operate the door locks. However, once keys are given out, you lose full key control. Even if former tenants of a building, house rental or an apartment unit no longer lives in a dwelling place, and returned the keys, they still may have access if they made extra copies. It’s like giving them permission to return whenever they want - unannounced. If a key is lost or stolen, people can easily can access to your home. Therefore, you lack control over your property.

Our rekeying service also allows our locksmiths to thoroughly examine the condition of a lock and even installation. If you have problems with your lock, we may be able to correct it without replacing the entire lock. In some cases, all you may need is to have your lock lubricated when rekeyed, this can help make the lock operate more smoothly. Once your lock has been checked, we’ll be able to determine if it needs to be replaced.

DIY Rekeying: Is it Worth the Hassle?

There are lock companies that actually sell locks that can be rekeyed without hiring a locksmith. It’s called do-it-yourself rekeying. Sure, you can save time and money. However, it doesn't come without a cost. The lock could malfunction when you least expect it to happen. These so-called do-it-yourself locks are inferior to its superior traditional rekeying process by a licensed locksmith. There’s no guarantee it will work properly when you do-it-yourself, which makes it very time-consuming and expensive.

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