We know locks, mechanical and digital

Back in the day, people didn’t need a professional locksmith.

Grandpa could twist a wire coat hanger through the window of a locked car and quickly open it. If he was locked out of the house, he could borrow a neighbor’s butter knife and jiggle the door open in two minutes flat.

All that has changed in major ways. Security is much more important today if we want to protect our family and our property. And technology has brought us a great variety of new and better locks and enhanced security.

Locksmiths today do much more than simply “pop locks.” We install deadbolts, residential and business locks, and electronic and mechanical devices. We can repair or modify devices to suit your needs, creating or generating new or duplicate cards and keys, rekeying locks and fixing locks that aren’t working correctly.

Put in your address book in case you need to get into your house or car or you want to boost security at your home or business. Our licensed technicians will bring the tools, training and experience to your home, car or property to give you peace of mind at an affordable price.

Lots of new locks
Smart locks are part of the revolution benefitting homes, offices, hotels and other buildings. They link to smart phones and apps that let the owner easily adapt security from remote locations. Keyless entry pads also offer a new dimension, increasing safety and keeping track of who is entering and who is leaving.

Our team is trained to handle the latest technology that keeps out intruders and ensures safety for residents and occupants.

Mechanical locks still rock
Many people still prefer mechanical locks that provide great safety at a fraction of the cost of digital locks and can be repaired more easily. These include knob locks, deadbolt locks, rim/mortise locks, wall-mounted locks, interchangeable core cylinders and lever-handle locks.

Deadbolt locks are a favorite with many property-owners, who can choose single, double, jimmy-proof and captive deadbolts. Our locksmiths can handle all these security challenges, as well as storeroom locks, office locks, privacy sets and more.

Our company responds quickly to calls in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Contact us at (917) 893-0291 whether you have an emergency situation or want information about improving the security of your home or business.