Strong doors are key to security for homes and businesses in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens

Secure, fireproof doors are vital for protecting the people and the property in your home or your place of business.

Our company installs attractive, energy-efficient Kalamein doors for businesses and homes in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Kalamein wooden doors provide valuable strength by incorporating a sheet metal design that slows or stops a fire’s progress. Kalamein doors have been approved by the New York City Department of Buildings because they meet or exceed fire test standards. Don’t discount the danger of fire; the New York Fire Department responded to 41,000 fire calls in 2017!

These doors are much stronger than doors that have a hollow or weak core, which can be breached with a crowbar or one strong kick. Forced entry is the largest single method of entry for burglars, vandals and other criminals. But Kalamein doors are strong and durable enough to thwart criminals. The harder the door, the better your defense against unwanted intruders.

Our doors also feature exceptionally strong locks that penetrate the frame, reinforcing their stability and deterring or denying entry.

Doors today offer a choice of conventional dead bolts and smart locks.

The traditional deadbolt, which includes drill-proof models, gives more security than locks that operate on a key alone. Smart models cost more and require Wi-Fi, but they offer remote control and other advantages. They also can notify you if someone locks or unlocks a door even when you’re not on the premises.

Our licensed, insured locksmiths have the tools, training and experience to install doors that will significantly increase your security and peace of mind as well as safeguard your property. Please call us at (917) 893-0291