Master Key Systems

Does Your Business Need a Master Key System?

Lock n Doors makes it possible to control access to your building with a master key system. Having a durable master key system in place allows you to give your employees access to their necessary work areas while giving them minimal access to your building. When you have complete access to your business it gives you peace of mind it is safe and secure.

How it Works...

A master key system allows you to control access throughout your building, by reducing the amount of keys each employee must carry to a single key. Keeping track of multiple keys can be cumbersome and very time-consuming.

We can design a system with multiple levels, to grant different levels of access to your employees.
Each key system contains durable locks that can be keyed to work with a master key and separate keys.

We can even design a system with a grand-master key that gives access to all areas of your building. This works out perfectly if you have multiple companies operating from under one roof.

For example, let’s say a building owner has three separate companies operating within a building. Each tenant can have a master key for each individual office. The building owner(s) and security staff can have a grand-master key for each room.

Why Have a Master Key System?

Having a master key system not only maximizes the security of your building, it offers a host of other benefits:

● Ease of use
● Unlocks all doors
● Give people different levels of access
● Flexibility in design with less keys to keep track of
● Each person only needs ‘1’ key to open multiple doors
● Allows you to control who has access to what doors
● Multiple locks can be keyed to an identical master key.

In addition, master keys systems saves you money on the cost of producing and replacing keys.

Who Needs a Master Key System?

Any commercial or non-commercial location that needs multiple levels of key access can benefit from having a master key system. It’s perfect for apartment buildings, retail stores, offices, warehouses, banks, government buildings, hospitals etc.

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In addition to installing a new master key system, we can also expand an existing master lock system. Contact us or call (917)893-0291 for more details and a free estimate. We have the skills and know-how to install a secure master key system that will give you full control of your building.