Lock Replacement

You lost your keys and you are very concerned about the safety and security of your home or office. Or, maybe you are a landlord or a building superintendent who needs to replace locks on an apartment unit. Regardless of your re-keying and lock replacement needs, our locksmith technicians will get the job done to your satisfaction. We provide re-keying and lock replacement services for:

● Houses
● Apartments
● Office Buildings
● Vault safes
● Storefronts
● Restaurants
● Schools
● Retail stores
● Libraries
● Churches
● Medical buildings
● Fire Departments
● Warehouses and more!

For emergency locksmith service, give us a call now for a free quote at: (917)893-0291.

Residential Re-keying

From the moment you lose your keys your home’s security is compromised. Your home is vulnerable to a potential break-in. When you use Locks n Doors professional re-keying services, you can sleep easier at night knowing your family and possessions are safe.

Commercial Re-keying

Businesses invest thousands in securing their buildings with innovative security and surveillance systems. Your company or non-profit may have the most robust surveillance system, but if you have lost your keys or a former employee/partner has made copies, there is no guarantee your business is safe.

With our re-keying services, you do not have to replace the entire lock. We simply re-key your door lock to fit a new key, so the old key no longer fits. We have a fast turnaround, so you are able to re-enter your home or commercial building safely.

Lock Replacement & Installation

Has your key broken off in your door? Are you a landlord who needs to replace a lock of a former tenant who occupied a rental house or an apartment unit? We can help!

Not everyone has the right skill set and experience to replace and install a lock. If you’re contemplating whether to hire a non-licensed handyman or even a non-licensed locksmith - you could be placing the safety of your family, tenants or employees at risk.

In addition, if your home or place of business has been broken into and your locks have not been installed properly by a professional locksmith, insurance companies may make it difficult to approve an insurance claim.

Get Your Locks Installed Right the First Time

Our licensed locksmith technicians, have been trained properly and will install your locks the right way the first time.

If you need a door lock re-keyed or a door lock replaced and installed, give us a call at (917)893-0291. One of our qualified locksmith technicians will be on their way to your home or place of business.