Is Your Antique Piece a Fake or Authentic?

Is Your Antique Piece a Fake or Authentic?

Shhhhh! So, you found the perfect antique piece of furniture with a lock at the thrift store. Or, maybe a garage sale. Your goal is to fix it up and flip it and sell it on eBay or at an antique auction. You don’t want anyone to know where you originally purchased your antique. Maybe it’s worth a fortune - maybe less. Regardless, you will still be able to earn a decent profit because it so attractive. It will add a nice touch any home decor.

However, there’s only one issue that you are concerned about …you have a nagging feeling it could be fake. So, is it real or is it fake? How can you find out for sure? Here’s a few tips to to see if your new antique furniture is authentic:

First, does the antique furniture come with the lock? If so, is the key included? Is the lock damaged? Whether your lock is damaged or the key is missing, the good news is you can easily rectify the problem by hiring a professional locksmith in Brooklyn.

Keep in mind, that every locksmith is not the same. You will want to specifically hire a locksmith that specializes in repairing antique furniture, antique doors or other antique items of value.

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Now, back to identifying whether your antique piece is a fake or authentic.

Identifying Authentic Antique Furniture and Other Antique Items

Has your in antique piece been refinished?

It is important to know whether not it has been. Most people are not aware that unfinished antique pieces or more valuable than items that have been finished. you can spot furniture that has been refinish by simply turning it on its back or upside down and look for drip markings. If you see drip markings, that’s a sign that it has been refinished.

The antique item should show signs of age.

For example, authentic signs of age includes little dings and nicks on the corners. Sometimes you see black marks on the top of a furniture piece from a plant, if it is an antique cabinet or a table. New furniture will not show signs of age and will most likely have smooth and flat finish on top.

Lastly, these are just a handful of tips on what to look out for when purchasing antique items, such as antique furniture.