How to find a licensed, insured locksmith in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens 24/7

Sometimes you have time to shop for a locksmith and sometimes you’re in a rush because you’re locked out of your home, business or car.

Whatever the case, our company will be glad to work with you and follow the most ethical business practices. Our company is based in Brooklyn; call us at (917) 893-0291and we will gladly answer your questions and provide a competitive quote.

Our staff is insured and licensed, as required by the City of New York, and has the experience, tools and training to handle your request promptly and efficiently.

We perform car, house and commercial lockouts and padlock removal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can even make a duplicate key on the spot so there’s less chance you will be locked out again!

The Better Business Bureau offers tips on how to select a locksmith. They include:

• Get recommendations from friends, relatives and neighbors.
“Be sure to confirm the physical address of any locksmith you find and make sure the address is actually local.”

• ”Be wary if the business answers the phone with a generic expression like ‘locksmith services.’ Look for a business that answers the phone with their specific business name.

• Request an estimate that includes the cost of all labor and the replacement parts for the lock. Reputable locksmiths can give you an estimate over the phone. Ask about additional fees including: if you will be charged extra for services in the middle of the night or weekends or if there is a charge by the millage they must travel.

• Check credentials to determine if the locksmith is insured so you will be covered in case the repair leads to damages.

• Save the paperwork and get an itemized invoice that includes: parts, labor, mileage, and other fees and save this document for future reference.

Safety suggestion: If you’re locked out of your car or house, be sure to go to a safe, well-lit area while you wait for our locksmith to arrive. We know your time is valuable so we will respond as quickly as possible.

One more tip: Our locksmiths will ask you for identification before we open any doors. We want to make sure we’re working for the owner of the car or building.

Our locksmiths are licensed, insured, trained and experienced to handle all sorts of security problems with cars or buildings in Queens, Brooklyn or Manhattan. We provide clear quotes and job estimates. Our company is locally owned and operated. Please call us at (917) 893-0291, our 24-hour line.