Garage lockouts fixed fast

A garage adds so much value to a home and so much comfort to your quality of life.

A garage can be a “man cave” or a “she shed,” offering privacy and peace.

It can be an ideal place to store fishing rods, lawn mowers, old books, and piles of unwanted stuff from Grandma’s house.

Or you may be really old school and keep a vehicle in your garage!

Whatever your garage’s purpose, you need a good, strong lock to keep everything safe. It’s doubly important if your garage is attached to your home and offers an intruder a way inside your house or business.

But what do you do if you find yourself locked out of your garage?

Quick, smart help

Call us. We install, repair and open garage locks of all kinds. Our mobile locksmiths are trained and experienced, and they respond 24/7 if you are having an emergency.

They have the tools and experience needed to open and repair or replace manual locks on garages – deadbolts, slide locks or latches, T-handle locks, J-arm locks and others.

We will solve your problem promptly and at a competitive price.

Other doors?

Many garages today have an automatic door opener, which offers good, smart security.

But what about the side doors to your garage? If side doors lack good locks, intruders can force their way into your garage through them.

Does your garage have a door that opens into your home or business? This door also needs a strong lock in case an intruder gets inside your garage.

We can install stronger locks to protect all your doors as well as repair or replace your broken garage locks. We’re a locally owned security firm based in Sheepshead Bay; we respond promptly to calls in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

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Our services include opening locked vehicles, master-keying, re-keying and key duplication, and handling business and residential lockouts. Call us for a hassle-free solution. We’re on the job 24/7!