FAQ about car door lock repair

Our automotive locksmiths serve Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan, we guarantee our work, and we offer emergency service 24/7.

We repair car locks, handle car lockouts and help people get back on the road quickly and safely.

Here are some frequently asked questions our mobile locksmiths hear from customers in New York City:

Why won’t my electronic door lock work?
One likely suspect is the car door lock actuator. It’s what is supposed to make a door open at the touch of a button. Located inside the door, this power device works with gears, linkage and a motor. In some cases it has a cable that pushes the lock up and pulls it down.

Some models are self-contained, meaning you have to buy a whole new unit when it breaks. In other cases the actuator and other parts can be repaired individually.

Maybe the lock has been erratic lately, not opening or closing as quickly as it once did. This is a sign that your door lock needs repair.

Can you fix a transponder key?
Yes, most cars today use transponder keys – and they’re as easy to lose or break as the old-style keys! But we can repair, replace or reprogram them.

Why is my door lock stuck in the down position?
There are a few possibilities:
• One of the connections involved in the door latch could be broken.
• Something could be jammed inside the assembly.
• The latch could be broken or twisted away from the door lock system.

Remember, New York’s snow and rain and dirty air can take a toll on door locks, especially if the vehicle is outside all the time. Water can infiltrate a lock and cause parts to corrode.

Why won’t my key fob open the door?
We’ll answer this question with four questions:
• Battery dead?
• Fuse blown?
• Solenoid bad?
• Wire broken?
You can replace the battery and see if that is the solution. If it isn’t, please call us and we will be glad to help.

Why won’t my key turn in the ignition?
Chances are the problem is in the ignition “barrel,” assuming that the key is in good shape. The ignition barrel contains the mechanism that starts and stops the car’s electrical system.
We can fix or replace the key and we can take care of any problems inside the ignition barrel

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