Door locks repaired for homes and businesses

A door is only as good as its lock, so lock problems can spell Trouble with a capital T.

A key breaks off in the lock at your home or business. Broken key extraction requires a deft touch.

Or the lock is loose and jiggles -- an opportunity for a burglar to penetrate your home security system.

Or the entire lock cylinder turns when you insert the key.

These are just a few of the problems solved daily by the professional locksmiths at Locks & Doors in Brooklyn.

Among the troubles that can keep you locked outside or inside:
• Sometimes the latch and strike plate are misaligned due to wear and tear. This keeps the door from locking into position properly.
• A cylindrical lock won’t function correctly.
• Debris can accumulate inside a lock and make it jam.
• A bolt or latch breaks.
• The deadbolt sticks.
• A loose or damaged screw causes the entire lock cylinder to turn.
• An access control security point or a keyless entry lock malfunctions.
• The lock sticks in either the locked or unlocked position.

All doorknobs are not alike

Doorknobs don’t just have different styles. They also have different locking mechanisms, and each one can become loose or worn as parts deteriorate.

By the same token, deadbolts have different levels of security. You want a deadbolt with a strike plate that is drilled into the doorframe and more resistant to an intruder.

You don’t always have to buy a new lock. We can “rekey” the lock for you by taking out the cylinder and replacing the old pins with new ones.

We know locks and doors.

Our mobile locksmiths are veterans who can handle all sorts of locks and the multitude of doorknobs that go with them. Whether it’s a high-tech security lock or your basic deadbolt, we can repair it and make sure the supporting apparatus is in good order.

As authorities on home security we also can suggest ways you can beef up protection of your property and your loved ones. Maybe a better deadbolt or a high security lock or the latest “smart lock” will let you sleep more comfortably.

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Our locksmiths also handle residential and commercial lockouts, and they repair locks on cars and other vehicles. If you’re locked out of your car in Brooklyn, we can be there in 30 minutes or less!